The Best Way to Eat a Girl Out

Have you ever asked yourself what a real man means to a girl? When a woman finds a man that understands how to satisfy her well, it becomes hard for them to let such men go. A real man to a woman is the one that gives her total pleasure. It is very important for you to understand the basics and what it takes to eat out a girl’s pussy. In case you are worried in knowing the best way to eat a girl’s pussy out, then be ready to learn some of the recommended tricks and tips to fully satisfying your girl. Will your girl say “you got it” after sex? This is how you will make her speak out and remember you.

Basically, understand how the female vagina works. Did you know that it is a quite complex organ that takes up to five seconds of stimulation to get aroused? The worst evil that most of the men perform is getting to the main action instantly. This is not good at all as foreplay is the first step to eating a girl. First, set the stage for the action by doing a lot of touching and arousal at the lower parts of the girl. Understand that your girl is begging for full arousal. Kissing and touching can full put her into hot fire of sexual tension. Kiss her legs, her mouth and even her private parts. Also understand that words can also put her into fire. Tell her she is hot, beautiful and all those charming and nice words and that you truly mean it.

When touching her parts, ensure that your fingers are wet. Dry fingers can get stuck or even hurt her parts. Moisten your finger by touching her clit but be careful as this is the critical and sensitive part she has. Also ensure that your girl has a wet vagina before doing anything. Slowly tease her and approach her pussy cautiously. Use the unique approach in how you touch or even lick it. Give it a new way of approach by even drawing some of the patterns with your finger around it. When kissing her, give a gentle kiss first then finally a hard kiss.

Moreover, when eating your girl, ensure that you do a lot of playing with her. Fuck her pussy with your tongue to fully sensitize and arouse her clit. Lick it hard till you experience her reach full state of sexual arousal. Understanding her signs could make you one of the best sexual mechanic ever. Fucking her with your two fingers is another way you can best eat your girl. Go deep enough and make her experience and feel it. Do not leave out her anal section. It also needs to be eaten too. Use your fingers to fuck her. Finally, ensure that you give her a sweet ending. Find her G-spot and clit and ensure that she feels it as you fuck her. Successful eating however, requires you to take your time and familiarize yourself fully with all her parts. By observing the above tricks and tips, you can make a successful sex story with your girl.