Foods That Make You Last Longer in Bed

Low sexual drive is a challenge to many relationships today. When the man is unable to “rise to the occasion” and please his partner sexually, he definitely feels inadequate. A man who ejaculates prematurely consistently for example, will make his partner feel unfulfilled. The partner might even decide to go “get some” elsewhere. The problem is that most men would rather resign to their fate of sexual inadequacy, rather than seek help for their condition. Unknown to them is the fact that the condition can be treated. There are numerous methods that can be used to help the man improve their sexual prowess. This includes taking foods that make you last longer in bed (Read: Two Powerful Options to Last Longer in Bed).

In order for a person to have a healthy libido, his body should have the right nutrients. Low sexual drive could be due to a number of reasons among them low testosterone levels. The good thing is that libido can be boosted using foods. There are number of natural foods that can help one last longer in bed. By taking such foods a person can restore their ability to give his lady unfathomable sexual pleasure.

One such diet that is well known to be an aphrodisiac is sea food. This is because it contains Omega 3 acids which help to improve blood circulation and consequently result in a healthy heart. The healthy heart pumps blood better and makes the flow of blood into the genitals to be improved, hence better erection. Sea or marine foods include Salmon, Octopus, sardines, tuna, oysters and shellfish.

A person looking for readily available foods that enhance libido, then going for veggies might be the ideal solution. These foods are rich in zinc, fiber and are a great source of stress busters. Raw vegetables have antioxidants, which slows the process of gaining, while increasing circulation of blood. All these are essential for enhancing sexual vitality. Some of the vegetables include dark and green leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach, parsley and mushrooms.

Diets that include fruits are also a great source for enhancing libido. One should get fruits such as water melons, berries, pawpaws, bananas, mangoes, dates and peaches. The fruits contain potassium and vitamin A and C and are dubbed “natural aphrodisiacs” due to the fact that they produce Viagra like effects. Watermelon for example causes the expansion of blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow into the body organs including the genitals. This results in firm and long lasting erections.

Spices in food do not just spice up the food, but can also help to spice up one’s sexual life. There are a number of spices that have been proved over time to successfully improve sex drive as well as sexual performance. Such spices stimulate the heart and make it pump blood throughout the body while expanding the blood vessels. Spices that contain chili, lycopene and asparagus fit in well in this category.

Last but not least a person should ensure that they drink as much water as possible. This will help to keep the flow of blood at optimum level. As a result he will have improved sexual drive and stay power.