Franklin Farmer Market

Franklin Farmer Market Sweets

The Franklin Farmers Market is a genuine Tennessee agriculturists market. From produce, products of the soil to heated merchandise and meats, you’ll discover tasty crisp sustenance at the Franklin Farmers Market. Also, on the grounds that its all from nearby ranches, the mixed bag of merchandise expands and changes every week through the seasons. You can taste the distinction, on the grounds that it all comes straight from the homestead to the business sector, ready and prepared to appreciate. It’s Tennessee homestead new nourishment from genuine agriculturists, each Saturday morning at the Franklin Farmer Market. Also, there are a select number of neighborhood artworks persons at the business sector as well, with exceptional and lovely merchandise for you to appreciate.

The non-benefit Franklin Farmer Market accepts that nearby family homesteads can stay effective with backing from the business to stay beneficial. Profitable family homesteads are imperative to both the financial and ecological structures of Middle Tennessee groups and the Franklin Farmers Market is attempting to guarantee the fate of cultivating in Tennessee.


We make the Franklin Farmers Market a definitive spot to discover neighborhood, reasonable crisp nourishment in Tennessee. What’s more, we do as such by having a wide mixture of nearby homesteads at the business sector to join straightforwardly to you. The Franklin Farmers Market is a genuine agriculturists market, with a “develop it, raise it, make it or heat it” standard. Know your agriculturist; know your nourishment. Meet our state’s best ranchers, dough punchers and artisans at the Franklin Farmers Market and appreciate the extremely finest in generally delivered products each Saturday.

Prepared Goods, Food and Drink Vendors

There is no denying our long-term relationship with delightful prepared products. The Franklin Farmers Market is the spot to discover scrumptious, rich cakes, biscuits, cakes and breads. It’s all crisply made in nearby kitchens with quality fixings. At whatever point conceivable, the cooks at the business sector utilization natural products, eggs and different fixings from neighborhood ranches. There’s no examination between over-handled, mass-made prepared merchandise and the breads, treats, cakes and baked goods arranged in neighborhood kitchens. The heated products at the Franklin Farmers Market are certain to entice your taste buds. Go to the business and taste the distinction!


While the Franklin Farmers Market is the home of genuine ranchers, it is additionally the spot for varied offerings from nearby specialists and experts. Turn out to the business and meet Middle Tennessee’s best artisans who have some expertise in such artworks as unique photography and painted creations, hand turned woodwork, exceptional stoneware and high quality gems. It’s a various blend of nearby artisans, making the Franklin Farmers Market the spot for extraordinary works of art, specialties and blessings.

Franklin Farmers Market: Home of the Best Organic Foods


Franklin Farmers Market is the one-stop destination for anyone looking for fresh produce, dairy and fruit to lean meats and baked goods. Situated in the heart of Tennessee, the non-profit Franklin Farmers Market is the ultimate place to enjoy a wide variety of organic foods that come straight from the local farms. They are grown using the highest farming standards that result to a very healthy output. The market is usually open every Saturday and the following are some of the flesh organic foods that you will find here.


There are various varieties of organic onions that you can buy in this market. They include yellow, white, green and red, each of them coming with its own healthy benefits. FFM’s onions have unique flavors and can be eaten raw, dried, roasted or cooked. They are also commonly used for flavoring salads, dips, spreads, soups, stir-fry, salad other dishes. Since time immemorial, onions continuously been used to treat coughs, asthma and colds. They are very rich in fructo-oligosaccharides, which suppresses the growth of harmful colon bacteria and tumors.


A serving of Tennessee carrots (half cup chopped or 1 medium carrot) will provide you with about 11% vitamin K, 5% vitamin, 60% vitamin A and 2% calcium. Don’t forget that these carrots possess a very high amount of Beta-Carotene among other important nutrients. Carrot’s nutrients provide the body with protection against stroke and heart diseases along with ensuring a healthy immune system and strong bones.


Walking out of FFM without at least one broccoli would mean would mean ignoring nutrients that you might never find in other foods. It contains phytonurients that aid in disease prevention and this include protection from some forms of cancer and bowel conditions. Once converted into glucosinolates, broccoli helps in preventing intestinal infections and also stimulates the immune function. The broccoli glucosinolates may also promote the death of some cancer causing cells.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is undoubtedly one of USA and Tennessee’s largest food produce. It is also one of the best organic foods that you will find in Franklin Farmers Market every other Saturday. They are rich in antioxidants that work in our bodies to prevent problems like gout, asthma, arthritis and many more. They also play a very crucial role of availing enough carbohydrates to individuals affected by blood sugar imbalances. In addition, the high fiber content in sweet potatoes assists to prevent cancer and constipation in the colon.


Peppers are loaded with disease fighting properties and vitamins, plus they add an awesome flavor to spice up your foods. Both sweet and hot peppers can enhance an individual’s weight loss efforts in the best way possible. They also contain an important ingredient capsaicin; which helps in boosting one’s metabolism along with preventing the development of premature fat cells into mature ones.


Make a point of visiting the Franklin Farmers Market for a chance of buying these and other organic foods, every Saturday. FFM is and still remains as one of the best markets in Tennessee where quality and fresh produce are the order of the day. It is here that you guaranteed to buy healthy organic foods of all kinds.