What Are The Organic Foods That Can Make You Ejaculate More?

The amount of semen a man ejaculates is an integral part of his sex life. There has been a lot of research in recent times regarding this subject. Some studies have proved that there are organic foods that make you ejaculate more, as well as other methods stated on the reputable website King Cum. Organic foods have a variety of advantages and one of their advantages is increasing the quantity of semen upon ejaculation. This issue of infertility and less sperm count has been spreading like wild fire these days because of the lifestyle changes.

Important Organic Foods

Based on the research the list has been narrowed down to the following organic foods.

  • Asparagus, cooked tomatoes, strawberries and snow peas

The foods mentioned above contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C in them that affects the viability and motility of the sperm positively. They also contain anti-oxidants that help in the increase of sperm count. It does this by decreasing all the free and harmful radicals.

  • Eggs, oysters, turkey and pumpkin seeds

The above mentioned organic foods contain zinc. Deficiency of zinc is a major factor that negatively affects the sperm count of a male. Zinc is also found in yoghurt, beef and oatmeal.

  • Salmon, anchovies, walnuts and sardines

The essential omega- 3 fatty acids and DHA help a lot in the improvement of the blood flow. This blood flow flows very smoothly to the genitals and increases the sexual function of the male reproductive system. A man who has high amounts of fertility has a sufficient amount of fatty acids in his sperm compared to an infertile man. Crabs and shrimps are other types of foods which have a good amount of omega- 3 fatty acids in them.

  • Leafy and green vegetables, avocados, whole grains and beans

You need to make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of folic acid. A low level of folic acid in your system can affect your fertility negatively. A man with a low level of folic acid will have a sperm with very abnormal characteristics. Thus, eating dark green veggies and fruits is a very helpful activity. Supplement of folic acid can also be considered.

Eliminate all the fat and fried foods

If you are eating organic foods to boost your semen’s health, it is essential to eliminate all the fatty foods. Trans and saturated fats are found in processed foods. Thus, it is very important to eliminate these processed foods. If these types of foods are not eliminated, there will be no use of consuming these organic foods.

The organic foods mentioned above are very helpful and these are the organic foods that make you ejaculate more. If you are a male and are having problems in your sperm, you will have to consider trying the above mentioned organic foods. Eating the correct and appropriate foods in a sufficient quantity can increase your sperm count and also improve your fertility levels significantly. The list of organic foods mentioned above must be taken seriously to enjoy a very fertile reproductive system. Apart from the above organic foods, you can also consider using a sperm supplement to boost your sperm count and enjoy a healthy sex life.